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Ranger Response - Out cleaning our streets

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With no significant rain for a few months in Kingston, it’s not just the gardens that are looking the worse for wear; the town’s pavements have also suffered.

Without any rain, there has been a significant build-up of dirt and grease on Kingston’s streets, particularly in high-footfall areas and under some of the trees in the town where sap from the leaves has further added to the grime.

To try and help clean up some of the worse-affected areas, our Rangers Jon and Jamie have been out with our trusty Ranger Vehicle jetwasher to blast away some of the dirt.

So far they have cleaned parts of Eden Street, Clarence Street, Ancient Market Place and Union Street and will continue to work on other parts of the town most affected.

As part of our twice-yearly deep cleaning programme, the next town-wide deep clean is scheduled for September. We are working to try and bring this forward but in the meantime, we will continue to do what we can to keep Kingston looking as clean and welcoming as possible.