Training | ‘How To Improve Cash Flow’ with The Retailer Clinic

The “How to Improve Cash Flow” workshop is suitable for all small and independent retailers and hospitality businesses selling physical products. This workshop will take businesses through tried and tested supply chain management techniques used to improve the cash flow position of businesses. 

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Date: Tuesday 20th February
Time: 10am – 12pm
Venue: Online

The agenda:

  • What areas of your business does your supply chain include?  
  • How to measure your current cash flow position.  
  • The power of segmentation: Segmentation, service levels and inventory management.  
  • Changing payment terms.  
  • Profitable procurement: How to procure strategically.

By the end of session businesses will be able to:

  • Calculate the current cash flow position of their business.
  • Identify inventory that drives profit and inventory that is tying up cash.
  • Set up inventory management policies.
  • Negotiate payment terms based on the needs of their business.
  • Develop a procurement strategy for inventory with a high profit impact.