Through our marketing campaigns, consumer newsletter, town centre events, social media accounts and website, we use the ‘Kingston upon Thames’ place brand to highlight Kingston’s historical and recreational offerings, and position the town as an unrivalled destination for visitors.

We also use our online presence to support members of the BID, announcing venue openings and promoting local events and in-store offers.

Kingston upon Thames Consumer Website

We use the website to promote the many shopping, cuisine, and entertainment opportunities in Kingston.

Taking a consumer-focused, content-driven and editorial approach, the site brings together the best of what Kingston has to offer, with insider guides, event and business listings, as well as the latest news and offers. With over 14,000 people landing on the website each month, we enable online visitors to go on a digital journey of discovery before venturing into the town itself.

If you’re a Kingston First member, we invite you to list your business or event on the site and become a part of the online Kingston experience.

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Visitors to the website each month

Social Media

@InKingstonUK social media accounts:


We run the ‘Kingston upon Thames’ @InKingstonUK Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, reaching a combined audience of over 28,000 followers.

We use these platforms to engage with Kingston residents and locals directly, and invest in paid advertising to promote town centre events and campaigns.

Through beautiful photos of our town combined with compelling and helpful content, we aim to capture our followers’ imaginations and inspire them to visit Kingston.


Combined following across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Total audience reached per year

Promoting Kingston

Seasonal campaigns

We run seasonal campaigns, primarily in Summer and at Christmas to highlight Kingston’s varied offer, reach new audiences and drive footfall & spend in the town.

Enriching our streets

In addition, we curate and organise various installations from on-street exhibitions to shine a spotlight on the town’s rich heritage to pop-up photo opportunities to encourage social media engagement.

Reaching our audience

We are always engaging new audiences across digital, print and media to spread the word about Kingston and bring people into the town. Whether that’s on socials or creating media buzz.

Marketing Campaigns

London’s best Christmas destination outside of the West End

Kingston is renowned as a destination of choice over the festive period with its wealth of shopping opportunities, food and entertainment options and importantly, our Christmas Market – which is commonly listed as one of the top markets in London and the UK.

Each year we look to build on this recognition; further enhancing the quality and experience of the Christmas market and bolstering activity to drive footfall in this key period.