Through our marketing campaigns, town centre events, social media accounts and website, we use the In Kingston brand to highlight Kingston’s historical and recreational offerings, and position the town as an unrivalled destination for visitors.

We also use our online presence to support members of the BID, announcing venue openings and promoting local events and in-store offers.

In Kingston Website

We use the In Kingston website to promote the many shopping, cuisine, and entertainment opportunities in Kingston.

Taking a consumer-focused, content-driven and editorial approach, the site brings together the best of what Kingston has to offer. With over 10,000 people landing on the website each month, we enable online visitors to go on a digital journey of discovery before adventuring into the town itself.

If you’re a Kingston First member, we invite you to list your business or event on the site and become a part of the online Kingston experience.



Visitors to the website each month

Promoting Kingston

Advertising our town

We invest heavily in town centre advertising, as well as local bus and train advertising for our major campaigns, utilising an average annual budget of over £200,000 to promote Kingston to the fullest across all available platforms.

Enriching our streets

In addition, we curate and organise various installations from on-street exhibitions to shine a spotlight on the town’s rich heritage to pop-up photo opportunities to encourage social media engagement.

Reaching our audience

On top of all this, we distribute our engaging collateral to a wide audience, sharing thousands of directories and voucher booklets in the marketplace and landing leaflets in 65,000 local homes for Summer and Christmas.

We also maintain leaflet racks in the town centre that hold our popular Visitor Guide maps; and we encourage Kingston First members to make use of them to promote their own events.

Marketing Campaigns

Our marketing campaigns generate press coverage, spotlight key aspects of the town, and provide engagement opportunities for our members. The biggest of these are our Summer and Christmas campaigns, aimed at driving footfall in these crucial times of year.

Children’s Literary Festival

In 2017, we launched the Kingston Children’s Literary Festival to elevate Kingston’s position as a family-friendly destination—and it’s seen incredible success, generating over 30 pieces of quality media coverage in its first year and completely selling out of tickets in 2018.

Sector campaigns

We also strive to shine a spotlight on Kingston’s unique offering with targeted, sector-specific campaigns including the Independent Retailers Guide, and Kingston After Dark to help promote the town’s evening economy.

Social Media

In Kingston social media accounts:


We run the In Kingston Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, reaching a combined audience of over 15,000.

We use these platforms to engage with Kingston residents and locals directly, and invest in paid advertising to promote town centre events and campaigns.

Through beautiful photos of our town combined with compelling and helpful content, we aim to capture our followers’ imaginations and inspire them to visit Kingston.


Combined following across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Total audience reached per year

Thumbs Up It’s Thursday

Established over 10 years ago, Thumbs Up It’s Thursday is a highly successful initiative designed to drive footfall into businesses in the town centre. Taking place during school holidays throughout the year, the event is chock full of fun activities aimed at children aged 2 – 11.

Leading up to the event, we run marketing campaigns catering to local parents, and distribute a printed programme detailing the activities hosted by our members.