Free daily recycling

The Kingston First Recycling Scheme is free for all our members and provides outstanding value for money.

In association with First Mile, the scheme runs seven days a week collecting paper, plastic, cardboard and more. There is a dedicated cardboard collection, and other recycling is collected mixed, so there’s no need for tedious sorting – saving you time and space. 

Contact First Mile, making sure you mention you are a Kingston First member: 0800 612 9894

Apple Market

Discounted Trade Waste

Get waste bags for non-recyclables at a significantly lower rate than the local average price, through our subsidised Trade Waste Scheme with First Mile. The service is for non-recyclables including food, polystyrene and any food-contaminated packaging or material.

Contact First Mile, making sure you mention you are a Kingston First member: 0800 612 9894

Too Good to Go

Sell your surplus food and join hundreds of thousands of businesses globally:

  • reducing food waste
  • generating revenue for it
  • gaining an opportunity for upsell
  • reduce waste disposal fees
  • and attracting new customers

Plus, get the first 6 months with no admin fee if you join through us (use the link below, or let Too Good To Go know you are a Kingston First member).



Save money by fulfilling your packaging needs through reusing pre-loved packaging, brought to you by people or other businesses in the local community, or list packaging you don’t need for other businesses to use. 


Guardians of Grub

Wasted food costs the hospitality industry billions every year. Save money, resources, and do your bit to save the planet, by getting your team trained in how to reduce food waste, using the free 15 minute cost saving skills course and resources, and help meet your legal obligations around waste.


Advice on business sustainability

Beyond Procurement offer free webinars on the commercial benefits of carbon reduction, and a how-to guide on carbon reduction and offsetting. Contact them to learn more.

First Mile’s ‘How to Recycle’ Workshop shows businesses the best ways to recycle and how to set up your services in the right way, so you can get the most out of your current recycling arrangement. We’ll also be answering some of your commonly asked questions surrounding recycling. Sign up here.

The National Energy Foundation has free courses which you can access on demand about reducing your carbon footprint at work and greening your business. It has been developed to help businesses respond to the Government’s target of Net Zero Carbon by 2050 and includes practical steps for staff, the business context, and a module for leaders to ensure success. It can be used as part of your environmental policy or as an all-staff exercise to kick start a greener approach. Find out more here.