Beyond Procurement

Through Kingston First, we used Beyond Procurement to renew our electricity contract. The process was really easy with great advice, and resulted in a £5004 per annum saving.

Pedicure Pro Line Beauty & Aesthetic Centre

Address rising costs and reduce your carbon footprint, through a suite of free guidance and support delivered by our new partner, industry experts Beyond Procurement.

Including a review of core business expenses, where you can potentially save thousands each year,  such as:

  • Energy
  • Merchant services
  • Water
  • Telecoms
  • Insurance
  • Pest Control
  • Waste Management

For general business issues, take advantage of free business health clinics where you can discuss your procurement issues with professionals with decades of experience, or dip into webinars on energy crisis support, business cost reduction and more.

Beyond Procurement also offer advice on business grants and green loans that you may be eligible for, to reduce your costs and emissions, and become greener.



Evermile is the first local delivery platform built for small businesses. Through Evermile, local merchants can get the rates of the “big players” without volume commitments or complicated terms, by using combined bargaining power.

Join through Kingston First to receive a £20 credit. This is enough for any business to run several deliveries free of charge.

Contact us for your promo code and to find out more.