Kingston First was formed in 2005 and has been championing the business community of Kingston town centre ever since.

In June 2019, we held a ballot asking Members to renew Kingston First for fourth five-year term. We’re delighted to announce that with a 65% turnout, 92% voted in favour to see our work continue until 2024.
Details about the result including the declaration can be found on our news page.

Our Renewal Proposal 2020-2024

Through 2018 we conducted extensive consultation with you to find out what matters to you most, which of our projects and services you find most valuable, and what priorities you would like to see addressed over the next five years.

Based on your feedback, we created a Renewal Proposal outlining the continuation of our projects and services to help support your business as well as our ambitions for the town as we head into the 2020s.


The Renewal Ballot

Frequently asked questions

Who is Kingston First?

Established in 2005, Kingston First is a Business Improvement District (BID); a not-for-profit organisation responsible for delivering a number of initiatives to support the commercial success of the business community in Kingston upon Thames.

Democratically elected by the businesses of the town centre, we deliver projects and services that ensure Kingston is a thriving and attractive environment to do business in, as well as a vibrant and exciting destination for people to visit, shop, learn, work and live in. Businesses and organisations operating in the BID area vote to pay 1% levy on the rateable value of their property to see the projects and services delivered in line with a five-year business plan.

What is the Renewal Ballot?

In accordance with UK legislation, Business Improvement Districts operate on fixed term of up to five years and must renew their status at the end of every term.

Kingston First’s third five-year term ends in December2019.  There will be a legally required vote to secure a fourth term and for our projects and services to continue for another five years.

The ballot will be carried out independently by Electoral Reform Services.

When is the ballot?

30 May to 27 June 2019. The result of the ballot will be announced on Friday 28 June 2019.

How do I vote?

All levy-paying businesses within the Business Improvement District will be posted a ballot paper on 30 May 2019. Completed ballot papers must then be returned via post by 5pm on Thursday 27 June.

Which streets are included in the BID area?

The BID area includes the following streets, either whole or in part:
Adams Walk
Alderman Judge Mall
Apple Market
Ashdown Road
Bath Passage
Bishops Hall
Brook Street
Castle Street
Charter Quay
Church Street
Clarence Street
Cromwell Road (to the end of the bus station)
Crown Arcade
Crown Passage
Dolphin Street
Down Hall Road
East Lane
Eden Street
Eden Walk
Emms Passage
Fairfield North
Fairfield Road (to include the Albion)
Fife Road
Griffin Centre
Grove Crescent (to include the University)
Harrow Passage
High Street
Horse Fair
Jerome Place
Kent Road
Kings Passage
Kingston Hall Road
Lady Booth Road
Market Place
Milner Road
Nipper Alley
Old London Road
Penrhyn Road (to the end of the University)
Ram Passage
Richmond Road (to the railway bridge)
Riverside Walk
Skerne Road (upto Henry Macaulay Avenue)
South Lane
St James’ Road
Steadfast Road
Thames Side
Thames Street
The Bittoms
Union Street
Vicarage Road
Wadbrook Street
Water Lane
Weston Park
Wheatfield Way
Wood Street

How do I know if I am a levy-payer?

If your business is situated on a named street in the business plan and within the determined boundary area, then you are a levy payer.

Why have I received more than one ballot paper?

Each rateable business property, known as a hereditament, is entitled to one vote per hereditament. Businesses occupying more than one hereditament will get more than one vote.

How can I request a replacement ballot paper?

Replacement ballot papers can be requested from Electoral Reform Services. To help you with this process, please contact Tav on 020 8547 1221 or email

How will the ballot be determined as successful?

The BID ballot will be successful if the following two tests are met:

  • A simple majority by number of those voting must vote in favour
  • Those voting in favour must represent the majority of rateable value of those voting

What happens if it’s a ‘no’ vote?

Should the ballot fail to gain a positive majority vote, Kingston First will cease to exist on 31 December 2019 and all projects and services funded by the BID will terminate.

There is no replacement body that will deliver the services instead.

Key dates

  • 8 May 2019
  • 30 May 2019
  • 27 June 2019
  • 28 June 2019