Encouraging visitors and residents to rediscover Kingston #wearekingston

Introducing We are Kingston, our new marketing campaign for Kingston town centre

Over the last few months, we’ve seen Kingston’s community pull together to overcome the challenges that arose with COVID-19.

Supporting the town and driving footfall has never been more important. So we’re running a new creative campaign that captures the resilience, kindness, and pride our town has shown through these tough times.

Above all, the We are Kingston campaign celebrates you: the people who make our town the vibrant, thriving, diverse centre that visitors and residents alike know and love.

We are the bargain hunters,
The market stall punters,
The water babies,
And the lunching ladies.

We’re the connoisseurs. The local entrepreneurs.
We’re the groovers and shakers, the menders and the makers.
We’re foodies.

The ones dressed to impress.
And we’re the riverside, refreshed.

Kingston is all the people who live in it,
and all the people who visit.

Come and make Kingston your own.

Rediscovering Kingston

We are Kingston focuses on three things:


Showcasing our community and pride in Kingston

A series of photographs and montages playfully capture the spirit of our town and the people who make up our business community.

The bespoke compositions feature our members, showing the character of their business and giving us an opportunity to get to know them more.


Encouraging visitors and residents alike to support local and rediscover their town

Market square installations bring the creative to life, placing our members businesses and the town spirit into the heart of the town.

The We are Kingston creative also supports shopping local by championing the smaller brands and local businesses that are integral to our unique community.


Creating a sense of togetherness with our members, residents, and visitors

Through our social channels we’re encouraging locals and visitors to share what Kingston means to them.

We’re also running features and interviews with our members’ to show their passion for the town.